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The kibbutz movement in Israel started began as a means for people to cooperatively develop a barren land in hostile territory. In the early ninteen hundreds, when then first kibbutzim started, Israel was virtually barren, sparsely populated by often hostile neighbors and controlled by a declining Turkish empire. The Jews banded together and pooled their resources to farm the land and protect themselves.

Because almost all of the Kibbutzim started as agrarian institutions they tend to be located in rural areas. The early settlers planted trees and other plants. In the many years that have elapsed the vegetation has had a chance to mature and the Kibbutzim are verdant oases in scenic locations.

Many kibbutzim have diversified and have added hotels and high tech factories. Since Israel is so small, one can stay in a beautiful Kibbutz and still be a short drive from almost anywhere in Israel, including the urban centers.

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